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Happy New Year ♥

Hey guys here I am, back again =)
I made some new icons and animated gifs, hope you like them =) and I wish you all a happy new year <33

- Aishwarya Rai
- Sonam Kapoor
- Imran Khan
- Arjun Rampal
- Genelia D'Souza
- Dil Bole Hadippa
- Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani
- Don
- The Vampire Diaries
- Nina Dobrev
- Ian Somerhalder
- Supernatural
- Harry Potter

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I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ♥

Hey my dear friends,
I'm back, actually I'm tryin to be back because it's a really hard time for me now. I'm working now. And that means that I don't have time for posting here or doing any other things..pls understand me :(
Soo todayy i just want to post a banner to wish youu all a merry Christmas and a happy new year ♥ :)
btw: I'll post some new creations next week :) ♥

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Turn around bright EYES ♥

Soo I'M BACK :D I don't wanna talk that much sorry I'm kinda busy with work and other sutff, I'm just here to post some old icons which i did a few weeks ago :) I also made some animated icons..I'm totally new on it soo I really woud love to hear what you think about them!?
I really can't wait for Vapmire Diaries loved the Promos..I'm soo excited about Katherine :D and DAMON of course too :D I'm soo glad that the tv shows will start next month <33
Sooo here are the icon just follow the lj-cut :)

Enjoy, Lovett ♥

35.gif image by love-lovett 59.png image by love-lovett 2-3.gif image by love-lovett
2-5.png image by love-lovett 15-4.png image by love-lovett 45.png image by love-lovett
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Hi sweetie..I think it's time for a little HIATUS. I thought a lot about it but now i think a Hiatus would be great. This time I'm staying at home (Germany) there's NO TURKEY this year for me or another country...sad but i can live with that...=D Summer in Germany is really the weather <33 It's really NICE and SOo WARM <333 Soo i wanna enjoy my holiday with my family soo that' means i won't post for 4 or 5 WEEKS.
I wish you all a wonderful holiday..don't forget youu all bbs <333

BTW: When I will be back I'm gonna change my journal to FRIENDS ONLY maybe because i wanna post some posts about my life and about me :D:D..
But I'm not really sure but I'm thinking about it.. =)

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Lovett loves..YOU <333 and missed YOU =)

Heyy Honeys..LOVETT is BACK :D:D I'm soo happy to post here anything =) It's been a while that you heard anything from me, i know..I'm soo sorry for not posting anything and alsoo for not commenting all your beautiful stuff =(
I had to learn for my exams and now school is over and i'm soo happy =D sooo i have a lot of time to post and to comment <333

first of all i must confess that i'm in love with Supernatural..I love Jensen, Jared and Misha. They're soo cute and hot <333
i watched the whole episodes in 3-4 weeks =D and the season finale was Castiel sooooo much <333

Lost =( can't believe that there's no Lost anymore =( I'm sooo sad. Lost was the Best tv show ever!!! The finale episode was really difficult to understand..I even don't know if it's right what i understood from the ending =D but the last second was soooooooo amazing, i cried soo much when Jack closed his eye!!! =( =( I love LOST <33

Vampire Diaries eeehm..err..can't find words loved the season finales was AMAZING <333 Katherine that little Bitch is back =O and she killed John?! still can't believe it!! Wanna watch season 2 now. CAN'T WAIT!!!!

And Gossip Girl..Chuck Bass =O it was an amazing season finale!!!

So here are some new works I did and some are old like the Dholna Icons hope you'll like it <33

love yoouu all huns xoxo

16x Dholna icons
12x Raavan icons
15x various bollywood icons
08x Supernatural icons
04x Supernatural cast
20x Gossip Girl icons
18x Sailor Moon icons
27x Aladdin icons


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165 Icons - 'Fool Me Once' - 'What Kate Does'

Heyy guys what's up?? Sorry for being such a shitty friend =( but maybe you know school sucks!! And i also have some problem with school stuff and also problems for finding an apprenticeship :/ but you know what, i made 165 icons during the time!! I just made them and didn't update them but now they're here..=)

BTW [means "by the way" - that reminds me of Damon LOL] did anyone see the 'The Vampire Diaries'. "Fool me Once" was an amazing episode loved it ♥ He also made me almost cried!! I don't like it when he's sad hope he can get what he wants cause he deserves it =D
And it was really interesting how they opened the tomb..was a little bit scary =D
AND THEN the HUG it was soooo cute love D/E ♥♥ Damon trust Elena how sweeeeeett ♥

And did anyone watched 'Lost' - "What Kate does" =o OH my GOSH I feel like in a labyrinth..Lost is going too be weirder =S but i hope we'll get some answers soon =) and I loved the Sawyer-scenes ♥ and we saw Claire finally..=)



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Lost the final season

Yeah Lost is coming up with the final season..i can't wait for it i'm soo excited about the story and i can't to see my sawyer again <33
and i hope i will see him shirtless =D =P Yeah here is the countdown for Lost - Season 6
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Lovett loves Lost and Vampire Diaries..♥

Hi sweeties here I am again!! Sorry for not posting anything cince new year and also sorry for not commenting but life is really hard now!! I'm looking now for a job!! So i have lots of job interviews and i also have stress with school 'again'.
Hope you can understand me!! Oh and yes i started watching Vampire Diaries..that's an amazing tv show. Love it <33 and i love Ian Somerhalder he was always cute and hot like in Lost!! So that means that I'll be a Damon/Elena shipper.
=O the 2nd February is coming up..thath means:  THE FINAL SEASON of LOST!!!
I can't wait! I'm so excited about the story and also about seeing Sawyer again *yay* =D
So coming to my update i posted my old stuff which i did a month ago..but next week i will post the new Lost, Emma Watson, Harry Potter, Disneys, Marion Cotillard and Anna Kenndrick-Icons!!


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